Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Mimosa Pudica

A Modern Age Super Hero and Her Wings

If you are a female, you will know what it is like to walk down the road in broad day light and feel uncomfortable and unsafe. It’s happened to all of us and it will probably happen regularly for the rest of our lives.
It’s the cat calling. The ‘hey sexy’ called out of the taxi as they drive passed.   It’s the constant feeling that someone might try attack you at any moment and the fear that you can’t stop it. Its date rape and abuse, the injustices and inequality that woman face constantly. It is simply all the fear that women face daily that has to come to an end.
But there is a new hope on the horizon. In our day and age where there are so many super heroes fighting for their different causes, there is a new super hero. She was born into an unfair world but she is going to die in a loving and equal one.
Her name is Mimosa Pudica and she is the defender of woman’s rights and protector of their dignity. She is strong and fierce and unafraid to stand up and make a difference. While there is not much known about Mimosa Pudica, it is known that she was born in the forests of Knysna and grew up amongst the plants and wildlife, waiting the day she was strong enough to start fighting for a better world. 
While she is a ferocious fighter, she is also aided by her wings. Along with being beautiful, they are resilient and strong. Like her name, her wings were inspired by the plant, Mimosa Pudica or commonly known as ‘touch me nots’.
These plants are extremely delicate and when touched, the leaves retract and turn brown, but they are also strong as after a while they return to their original beauty. And this is what Mimosa aims to do, return all the strength and beauty to women.

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