Monday, 11 September 2017

Enamel half tubes

Enameling on something different

I have found that when i get bored of something, its best for me to try something new or try a new technique to get out of a rut. I felt as though i was in a rut when it came to enameling flat pieces of copper so decided to see if enameling on tubes or half tubes would work. 

One of the challenges with the half tubes was how I would attach them to a piece of jewellery and found the easiest and most effective way was to drill a hole through which I'd thread them on to a wire. Above are two of my first test pieces. 

This pendant was the end result. I love this piece and will definitely revisit this direction. It also allowed me to practice firing pieces that weren't flat which a tad more tricky as the enamel often doesn't stick well to all sides. I also like how some of the metal is still exposed, allows for a very organic look which is contrasted by the polish and simple/geometric frame on which they hang. 

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