Friday, 22 April 2016

Playing with Pattern 

After choosing my Shweshwe material, I played with pattern and took elements from the fabric and made my own designs. From these designs I isolated an element that I thought would translate well in a piece of jewellery. From this element I create 2D and 3D versions out of clay in order to play around with arrangement, repetition and layering. 

These are the ones that I felt were the most successful.

This is the drawing/doodle that I chose to create my single element from. 

I think that this arrangement works well because of the different heights and how it is almost the start of a mandala. It reminds me a lot of the doodles that I experimented with when exploring the Shweshwe patterns. 

I like the way that this arrangement comes together so well with the combination of the 2D and 3D elements. I think it works well and creates an attractive shape that Id like to explore further. 

What I like most about this arrangement is the negative space that it creates. I think that there is potential for the exploration of this negative space in the form of a new element created from it. 

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