Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Sketching the CBD

As a 3rd year class, we ventured into the markets just a few minutes walk from our campus. The aim of this walk was twofold. firstly to sketch and document different patterns that we observed on the way, and secondly to choose and buy a swatch of Shwe Shwe material. 
I always find the markets to be very interesting and you get to see things that you dont normally see on a daily basis. I find it strange that there is this whole other lifestyle so close to where I live and study that is so vastly different to the lifestyle that I lead.

I really enjoyed doing these sketches, as rough as they are, because it really did change the way I looked at everything. I started seeing beautiful patterns and shapes in the negative spaces and amazing surfaces details in places that I wouldn't usually look at. 

The material shop that we went to to purchase the fabric in was beautiful in its own way. full of vibrant colours and patterns that you dont find at other shops.

Pictured below are some photos of the sketches that I did along the way as well as a photograph of the Shwe Shwe fabric that I chose. 

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