Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Colour and 3D forms in Jewellery

I battled to find other jewellers who had similar aims or objectives to mine so I focused on other jewellers that utilise colour in jewellery and 3D forms.

The first Jeweller is Lisa Vershbow. She uses Plexiglass in her jewellery. I particularly liked her jewellery as the colour of the glass transforms the quite plain and simple ring into something quite interesting.  I think that introducing colour into jewellery can be extremely effective. 

Lisa Vershbow, "Neon Trio", Sterling Silver and Plexiglass

The second jeweller is Saskia Bostelmann. She created a range of rings called “I got you wrapped around my finger… A love story”. In this range she made rings with tiny human bodies. They are very delicate and detailed. I was drawn to her jewellery as it shows that when working with 3D forms, they don’t have to be chunky or over baring. They can be as delicate and beautiful as traditional jewellery.

Saskia Bostelmann, “I got you wrapped around my finger… A love story

Images and jewellers both found in: 
Robert W. Ebendorf, 2004,1000 Rings, Lark Books, page 102 and 320 respectively.

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