Friday, 23 October 2015

Art Nouveau

In conjunction with my 3 Jewelers, I looked at Art Nouveau patterns as my secondary references in order to start designing my piece of jewellery. I chose Art Nouveau patterns for two reasons. Firstly I was drawn to their use of symmetry while still using organic motifs and shapes. Secondly because of their complexity and how much is going on at once, which is very similar to what I find around me. My room, my house, my work bench is very cluttered and has a lot going on, but in way that still looks attractive, and this is how I see the Art Nouveau patterns. 

From these patterns I then started to create my own designs on both paper and on Rhinoceros.
These are two of the patterns that I used as references. 

Some of the Drawings that I on paper. 
Drawing I did on Rhino 

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