Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Yen Jewellery 

Yen Jewellery is jewellery created by Yen Duong. Duong aims at designing jewellery which has elements of "movement, articulation and fluidity". Yen Jewellery was started in 1995 and Duong says that the key to staying creative and contemporary is extensive experimenting and recreation. 

What I like about Duongs jewellery, much like Hannah Bedfords jewellery, is the organic nature that the granulation creates in her pieces. I also love how, even though they are not traditional designs, they are still elegant. it excites me when I see jewellery that takes a fresh approach, not just sticking to the usual traditional, geometric and symmetrical designs. 
Yen Jewellery
Enchantmen Special Ring
18ct white gold, 4mm and 3mm diamond
Yen Jewellery 
Enchantment Black Diamond Cluster
18ct gold, 3mm black diamond

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