Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Emma Habbeshon

Emma Habbeshon is a contemporary jewellery designer whose jewellery walks the unique and elegant line between geometric and organic forms. Habbeshon is inspired by the hidden geometry in nature and plays with different forms and texture in order to create sculptural, contemporary jewellery. She mainly uses Sterling silver combined with precious and semi precious gem stones.  

I absolutely love Habbeshons jewellery. I think that the balance of geometric and organic forms is executed so well and the jewellery that she produces is striking, elegant and unique in so many ways. As a Jewellery student trying to find my own style, seeing jewellery such as this inspires me to think about jewellery in a new light. One does not need to stick to certain aspects of design, you can combine and experiment with many different looks in order to create something beautiful. 

Pictured below are only a handful of Habbeshons beautiful creations. 

Morphology Brooch II 
Double Pin Brooch, Sterling Silver, partly oxidized, Labradorite Cabochons
Morphology Ring 
Sterling Silver, Hexagonal cut London Blue Topaz, 22ct gold plated granules 
Morphology Necklace
Sterling Silver, Labradorite Cabochons,

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